The First but not the Last

So this is officially a space for Alexa Radcliffe-Hart on the world wide web. A scary thought for many; mostly for me.

I’ll be using this space to share my thoughts, ideas, plans and most of all, as much of the literary world as possible. This is generally a reaction to being asked too many times – “what’s your website?” So, to meet demand, I’m also giving you a chance to read another blog.

A blank page is a temptation, a fear, an opportunity. A blank blog post is an exaggeration of the blank page with the ability to push out your thoughts quickly to an immediate audience. Although, if these thoughts are not carefully managed, they could haunt you for years to come. Much like print publication, I guess. So beware, some days there will be beautiful, exhilarating and/or inspirational posts. Other days there will be nothing. However, I will always try to get a word in, if not several.

What do you think?

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