About A R-H

Writer, Editor & Marketeer, Alexa Radcliffe-Hart is passionate about language in all forms.

Literary, speculative, twisting tales…that’s where it’s at for me. My short stories have appeared in Lost Voices, Past Tense and The Casual Electrocution of Strangers. I provide independent services to literature, working alongside individuals and literary organisations alike. Currently I’m in a long term relationship with Writers’ HQ and run their Cambridge writing retreats.

In the past I’ve been an Associate Editor for The Word Factory, general editor and workshop facilitator for Dog Horn Publishing (including their literary imprint, Fruit Bruise Press) and copy editor for First Story.

I also love running courses and workshops, and have taught at Swanwick Writer’s Summer SchoolAlt.Fiction, and Connections: Jersey Festival of Words as well as various secondary schools.

…with marketing superpowers
I’ve worked for ten years in various marketing roles, and my experience means I can help you tell your story whether as a business owner, product developer, or individual. There’s more on that here.

Want to know more? Contact me at info@servicestoliterature.co.uk.

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