One book too many…or make that twenty

I feel I should be blogging more frequently, however I am learning that in place of blogs (and lots of other things) that funding applications takes their place. Although, I’m hopeful of some exciting things to come along in the new year; fingers are very tightly crossed. In the mean time, I am still trying to get in some time to relax and mostly that happens with explorations into new worlds, through novels, poetry, prose and everything in between.

I have some very kind friends who have done some book swapping with me recently. Truthfully I’d love to buy all of these books for my personal library (already cramped full bookcases) but there’s got to be a line somewhere, and although my wife appreciates my love of books, I imagine she wouldn’t love it when the “piles” start reappearing in force. So, I have decided to move my bookshelves around and have placed the majority of the books I haven’t read yet up next to my bed. Which explains the picture; a sneaky look at my reading list.

Which got me thinking, what’s on your “must read” list at the moment? Old habits die hard, and I’m always looking for new imagination adventures, so please share out loud, or as close as possible on the comments section!